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High engagement. Sustainable change.

That's our reputation because it is what we have always offered. Community members want to participate in—and partners want to support— Pleasant Street programs because it’s easy for everyone to see the positive impact we have on the lives of more than 600 families, friends, and neighbors, each week.
Food & Nutrition


Feeding good health

To truly nourish us, food must be healthy. So, we work to address not just the issue of food insecurity, but also food quality, within our community. The food banks and local organizations we partner with help us provide regular access to the fruits, vegetables, and grains—and the lower-salt, lower-sugar, and lower-fat recipes—that are known to promote better health and wellness.

  • Food Drives

  • Rx Pantry

  • Cooking Workshops

  • Community Garden



Restoring the whole person

We meet people where they are on their health journey. And then, together with our partners, we offer a variety of programs that address the many interconnected behavioral, social, and environmental factors that may be impacting their health. It’s an approach designed to empower our community members to make the changes that lead to greater wellbeing.

  • Health Screenings

  • Medication Management

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Fitness Workshops (Tai Chi, Walking)

  • Wellness Education


Making resource-full connections

For teens, seniors, and everyone in between, there are many local, state, and federal resources designed to help them, and yet we find few even know they are there. Through specialist partners, we bring information about, or access to, these services to our community members—and then add in a few of our own—so everyone gets the benefits they deserve.  


  • Youth & Senior Mentoring

  • Aging in Place

  • Care Coordination

  • Benefits Enrollment


Enabling upward movement, and community resilience

We’re proud to have been part of the development of University of Florida’s Community Health Workers (CHW) Program and of our ongoing recruitment and mentoring activities. We have provided a life-changing career opportunity for more than 20 individuals, to-date, whose new role, in turn, is to act as cultural ambassadors to healthcare, government, and social organizations and aid in coordinating services for their family, friends, and neighbors.

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